Friday, 21 February 2014

I love candy...

My first real blog post. WOW! 
As it is every year pastel and 'candy' shades are really in this spring and i seem to have quite a collection of 'candy' coloured cosmetics so here are just a few of my favourites.

Benefit Fine One One

 This product is just AMAZING. This came out about a year ago and has been a staple in my makeup bag ever since. It's so easy to apply, all you do is swipe it on your cheeks and blend. This main appeal for the product is that it contains a highlight as well as two blush colours to help define your cheekbones. When I first got it i thought it was going to be gimmicky like these sorts of things usually are but it's not. It applies smoothly and blends like a dream. This is perfect for the summer because it blends out to be sheer but if your going on a night out after spending a day in the office you could just add a bit more and instant glamour.

Topshop cream blush Head Over Heals

 This blush is so similar in texture to the fine one one. This is also one of my favourites as it blends effortlessly but also gives off quite a bit of colour. When I first got this blush I was scared of it because it seemed too bright to be a cream blush however I came to realise that a little really does go a long way. I seem to love this for the exact same reasons that I love the other one, it is easily blended but also can be worn at a high intensity or really sheer which is perfect if you need to change your look quickly.

Soap and Glory Love At First Blush

What can i say about this. This blush is the best product for multitasking as well as swiping on as you dash out of the door. There isn't much colour payoff with this but it works well to highlight along with bringing a bit of colour to your face. I like to apply this with a stippling brush on the apples of my cheeks and my cheekbones to give a 'healthy glow' look. This works hand-in-hand with a no makeup makeup look which is what I go for when in a rush. I also like to use this as not only a blush but an eyeshadow too. I will either put a light dusting on my lids or on my inner corners to help brighten my eyes when i look a bit tired. Just don't don't go overboard or your eyes will look a red puffy mess.

Benefit Cha Cha tint

When I first got this I was quite disappointed because I couldn't get it to look right on my cheeks because it didn't blend right onto of my foundation. Several foundations later I have accepted the products doesn't blend too well on your skin which was disappointing but I did find a way to make it work somewhere else. When I got to school I swear by this on my lips because it doesn't budge all day. Just putting a few dabs on the centre of your lips and blending out can give a more natural version of the 'ombre' lips effect. 

Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake 

This lipstick defiantly fit in with the theme of the post. I loved this lipstick when I first got it because it had such a lovely colour and shine but as I used it more I began to realise that it was quite streaky and very sticky. Sticky lipstick is something that I hate but I didn't want to let that waste the colour so instead i tried a trick that I read on Michelle Phan. I applied the lipstick and then dabbed my face powder over the top with my finger. This does knock bit of the colour back but more importantly gets rid of any stickiness and also makes it matte. This is a trick that I use with most lipstick as it also helps them last longer. Of corse the beautiful gloss has then gone but the rimmel stay glossy lip glosses fix that.

Loreal Glam Shine Splash Stain in Marlyn

When I first started using these I honestly didn't understand the hype I thought, it's just a lip gloss. The more I used it the more I disagreed with that statement, This is a lip gloss that lasts all day, has the same type of colour payoff lipsticks do and has amazing shine. This is just one of those products that I think everyone should have especially if you don't have a massive collection because it just works well for everyone which many products don't nowadays.

Start of something.

So... here we are, yet again. I have tried to start a blog so many time but it always seems to get forgotten about or i'm never happy with something. For christmas I got a new laptop and said to myself I will start a blog as it's something I have wanted to do. It has taken me two months but having a lazy friday inside sheltering from the shocking rain in England at the moment lead to this. I therefor commence my blog, join me along this mad journey.